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How Much Does An Epic Meal Time Meal Cost?

All the bacon and Jack on Epic Meal Time's YouTube cooking show can't come cheap. Here's a breakdown in dollars and cents of one of their most popular episodes.

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The ingredients are:

30 Egg McMuffins
30 Ham and Egg McMuffins
30 Sausage and Egg McMuffins
50 strips of bacon (3 trays with ~18 slices each)
8 pizza doughs
84 eggs
5 lbs. sausage links
2 lbs. cheddar cheese
2 bottles of syrup
a 1.75 liter bottle of Jack Daniels
1 blueberry muffin

Using various sources to price ingredients:

Egg McMuffins: 30 at $1.60 each
Ham and Egg McMuffins: 30 at $1.80 each
Sausage and Egg McMuffins: 30 at $1.80
Bacon: 50 at $.35/strip
Pizza dough: 8 at $5.40 each
Eggs: 84 at $.25 each
Sausage: 5 lbs. at $4.10/lb.
Cheddar cheese: 2 lbs. at $1.82/lb.
Syrup: 2 bottles at $2.99/bottle
Jack Daniels: $30/ a 1.75 liter bottle
Blueberry muffin: $1.75