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    18 Cat Gifs That Will Give You Nightmares

    Cats are adorable, but these gifs are horrifying.

    1. What is--?

    2. I don't even...

    3. Who would DO this?

    4. I, uh, I have to

    5. So...

    6. I feel uncomfortable...

    7. Why is this happening?

    8. I'm not having fun anymore.

    9. Make it stop.

    10. Oh, please! Make it stop!

    11. I have a bad feeling about this...

    12. Ohmygod

    13. *sobs quietly*

    14. *rocks in a corner*

    15. WHY?

    16. WHHHHYYYY?!?

    17. I'm never sleeping again.

    18. Never. Again.

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    Thanks for the gifs? I guess...

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