15 Animals That Went Too Hard On St. Patrick’s Day

These animals got so plastered. They’re still finding green glitter in odd places.

1. These Shwasted Pandas

2. This Obliterated Elephant

3. This Polar Bear Who Just Wants To Sleep

4. This Cat With a Serious Case of the Drunchies

5. This Poor Pug, Whose Roommates Got Him Good

6. This Plastered Bunny

7. This Dog Who is Finally Breaking the Seal

8. This Cockatoo, Ready to Brawl

9. This Kitten Who’s, Like, Totally Fine to Drive, He Swears

10. This Dog Who’s Not Fooling Anyone

11. This Raccoon Who Just Wants This Dog To Know How Beautiful He Is, Man, Inside and Out

12. This Black Bear That Shouldn’t Be Hitting on Anyone in His State

13. This Dog Who is Feeling Good.

14. This Racoon, Who’s Realizing He Might Be In The Wrong House

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