15 Signs You Did A Musical In High School

Pull out the jazz hands kids!

1. You thought spring was the most wonderful time of the year!

It’s high school musical season!!

2. Cast lists make you anxious.

Sometimes you wondered if the director enjoyed seeing you in such pain. The cast list could have many great or terrible outcomes, but all you really wanted at this point was closure.

3. You have a cast T-shirt.

…you may even have an entire closet of them. You could always make a T-shirt quilt.

4. The student orchestra probably sounded like this…

Practice makes perfect.

5. Your senior pictures may have looked like this:

…which makes you fabulous.

6. You know that stage makeup is hard to remove.

Guy liner, gray hair, spirit gum scars… it was like your skin would never return to normal.

7. This was you during tech week:

High school + Theater = ALL THE DRAMA.

8. You had a “showmance.”

Hormonal teenagers pretending they are in love… It’s method acting.

9. A single trigger can start you quoting and singing the songs from a show.

Friend: “Hey, can you reach into…”
Friend: “…GOD NO, reach into the glove compartment! DAMMIT!”

10. Odds are 80% or higher that you’ve been in one of these shows.

This stat is directly from my imagination, but all four of these shows were in the “2010 Top 10 Most Performed Musicals for High Schools” by playbill.com.

11. “I can’t… I have rehearsal”

Good luck seeing your friends outside of the show.

12. You were forced to sell tickets.


13. You own character shoes

…and they are probably nasty.

14. The only reason you went to school the day after opening night was to receive compliments.

…otherwise you were worried people might forget your incredible performance.

15. You made some of your best friends during the show.

Nothing like some show tunes to bond teenagers!

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