The 10 Struggles Of Owning A Basic Phone

Owners of the iPhone 6, gather round

1. 1. Friends look at your phone like it’s an ancient artifact…

and really, that’s not too far off.

2. 2. The data-free phone selection is quite limited

3. 3. Your friends always ask, “Well, why don’t you just get a smartphone?”

And none of them understand not everyone can drop $50 in addition to the regular monthly charge

4. 4. Emojis are the death of your phone

yes, this literally happened to my phone after a friend sent me one.

5. And don’t even start on group messages.

As if your phone isn’t slow enough, try adding 50 or more texts in five minutes into the mix.

6. 5. You have to carry around an iPod if you want to seem like you belong in the 21st century

7. 6. Which means that Wi-Fi is a necessity, not a privilege

8. 7. So when your boss asks, “Did you get my email?”

you always have to answer, “No, I don’t have a smartphone.”

9. And that leads to the whole “Well why not?!” discussion all over again

10. 8. The only apps on your phone are Tetris and Snake

What’s a Flappy Bird?

11. 9. That 160 character text limit

Even less if you have one of those nifty little signatures at the end of your messages

and lastly…

13. 10. Being the only one who remembers what it’s like

14. But hey, it ain’t all bad!

Next time your cool friends with smartphones call your phone a dinosaur, ask them how their battery life is doing… cause last time you checked, your dinosaur only needs to be refueled once a week!

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