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10 Dartmouth "Alumni" Who Never Went To Dartmouth

They might not be real people, but they really have the "granite of New Hampshire in their muscles and their brains."

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1. Meredith Grey - Grey's Anatomy / Via

Is Cristina snuggling up to her because she's her person, or because she's jealous of Mer's shirt?

2. Dr. Stephen T. Colbert - The Colbert Report / Via

Where do you think he learned to be afraid of bears?

3. Michael Corleone - The Godfather / Via

^spoken like someone who took Tuck Accounting.

4. Peter Prentice - The Mindy Project / Via

That episode with Shonda though.

5. Pete Campbell - Mad Men / Via

The kind of guy who'd bring up his frat in every. single. conversation.

6. Jed Bartlet - The West Wing / Via

Technically a professor, not an alum, but we'll claim him. (Despite the fact that he called it "Dartmouth University." Do better, Jed.)

7. David Rosen - Scandal / Via

Shonda, your '91 is showing.

8. Howie Archibald - Gossip Girl / Via

Remember that time he almost pressured Nate into going to Dartmouth? Still upset Columbia got him.

9. Trapper John McIntyre - M*A*S*H / Via

Big Green football gave him an -ahem- interesting injury.

10. Jack Trainer - Working Girl / Via


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