10 Reasons Why Monkeys And Apes Are The Best Animals To Walk The Earth

Because monkeying around is a serious business, don’tcha know?

1. They have serious confidence

This Orangutan could give even Beyoncé a run for her money in the posing stakes. She has serious sass and we love it.

2. They’re rather nosey creatures… but we don’t mind!

Check out this lil’ fella having a little nibble on his trainer’s nose!

3. They’re almost too cute to look directly at

We would cuddle this little monkey all day long!

4. They look after their appearance

Could this monkey be checking his teeth for banana pieces? We reckon so.

5. They’re proud creatures

Something tells us that this monkey is NOT amused.

6. They look after their fellow animals

Too. Cute. Must. Look. Away.

7. They’re super intelligent

Cute and clever? Sounds like our perfect combination!

8. They love to have fun

Quick, somebody push this baby gibbon on his swing!

9. They need to be protected

Nobody with mess with this monkey with his gang of big-cat buddies,

10. They look ridiculously cute when they eat

We wish we looked this good when we’re tucking into our grub!

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