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    Those 12 Awkward Moments Zumba Junkies Have Been Through

    Zumba is a fun way to stay active that revolves around dancing and exercising at the same time. Except when you find yourself in certain situations..

    1. When you get to class and you realize you never got the memo about having to wear only brightly colored shirts..

    2. Realizing that you are horribly, HORRIBLY, uncoordinated, and start worrying if it's what you look like when you go out dancing..

    3. When you get to class late and you get stuck with the crappy back of the class spots where you can barely see the instructor.

    4. The moment where, like in every social-context there ever was, a popular group rises (in this case made up of the best dancers), and you realize you won't ever be a part of it.

    5. The moment where the music is a liiittle too loud for you, but you obviously can't and won't be THAT person that asks to lower the volume..

    6. That moment when you realize you're a college student that's too lazy to do an ACTUAL work-out, and resorts to dancing in a room filled with what are mostly housewives and grandmothers.

    7. That moment where, while dancing you make awkward eye contact with somebody else through the mirrors on the wall..

    8. The moment where a step in the dance is so complicated for you, you just can't get it so you just pretend you're "cramping up" and go "stretch" on the side..

    9. When you're so into this one dance move because you finally got it right, you look up and realize everybody else has moved on to the next move..

    10. That one class where the instructor only uses spanish songs and you want to think of yourself as shakira but.. seriously? who are you even kidding right now.

    11. When your instructor has you doing sensual moves and you think you're awesome, and then look up into the mirror to prove yourself right and that's not exactly the case..

    12. But then your favorite dance song comes on, and you don't even care about the other 11 awkward moments you just went through, because lets face it.. you're ultimately so good at dancing, that you might as well use your talent to stay fit.