Why Teachers Make The Best Role Models

Pretty much why people in the classroom are badass.

They give hard core advice

Face it. Some of the best advice you’ve ever gotten has come from teachers. Whether it be Mr. Feeney, or Mr. Schuester, you probably got some of the best advice in the classroom Via data2.whicdn.com

They can be a pain in the ass, but for good reason.

So you have that English teacher that checks for fragments. Or that Math teacher that checks for correctness. By doing this, they just make you more ready to face the college world Via gurl.com

They show you the way, and then let you go

I think what best describes teachers is how they have this gift to have you as a student, change you, and then let you make your own educational bridge. Via i.imgur.com

They literally work every day to help others.

They spend hours after school helping people, and will not stop until their students understand a topic. Via blogger.com

So you might have that one teacher who gives you a lot of homework

So you may not like the class, or the people in it.

Without teachers, you wouldn’t know how to celebrate this day

Keep being awesome, educators!

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