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Twelve Things You Know If You Did Broadcasting In High School

Because sometimes, you need a pitrod to film your life

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1. You knew way too much about your teacher's personal life


Which was okay, because he/she knew way too much about you, too

2. If someone lost footage, shit hit the fan...


3. ...But if someone lost a memory card, all hell broke loose

4. There was always that one overachiever who did most of the work.


See: me.

5. There were literally times when you wanted to pull your hair out


Had that happened, I would be balding as of now.

6. There was no crying in Broadcasting


Except when I got really, really upset.

7. People gave you crap for you segments all of the time, but it was okay, because you did not really care

8. When you nailed a segment, it was literal music to your ears



9. On location filming was one of the highlights of your high school career.


Did someone say, "press pass?"

10. Your Broadcast teacher was one of the people who molded you into the person you became.


And you cried in front of him/her too many times to count.

11. Broadcasting may have been a lot of hard work...



12. But through it, you gained a family, and that is simply irreplaceable.

I love you guys.

I love you guys.

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