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This "Better Call Saul" Music Video Gives New Glimpses At The Spinoff

So long, cheap TV commercials. Saul is the real deal now.

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We all know Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk), Walter White's (Bryan Cranston) infamous lawyer from Breaking Bad, is getting his own spinoff. But now, he also has a new song, courtesy of country singer Junior Brown.

Good luck getting Saul's catchphrase out of your head now.


In this new music video, there are a few hints of what types of cases Saul will be taking on.

We also get glimpses of him defending someone in court... and being confused in a parking lot.

But always looking snazzy.

He's really pumped up about something in a conference room. And not so subtly spying on someone.

Watch the whole video here:

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Better Call Saul premieres in February 2015 on AMC.

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