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The Best Part Of The "Girl Meets World" Pilot Is The Last Line

"Well done, Mr. Matthews."

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Girl Meets World FINALLY premiered on Friday night and it had a lot of great throwbacks to Boy Meets World.

Like the flying paper airplane in the opening credits!

The series centers on Riley Matthews (Rowan Blanchard), the daughter of Cory (Ben Savage) and Topanga (Danielle Fishel).

She has a troublemaker best friend, Maya (Sabrina Carpenter), who is basically the equivalent of Cory's best friend Shawn (Rider Strong).

Though sneaking onto the subway is mild compared with the ideas Shawn came up with.

And much like Cory always did for Shawn, Riley is always helping Maya do the right thing.

Also like Cory and Shawn, Riley and Maya share quirky little hand gestures.

In case you were wondering, Cory and Topanga are still the same perfect couple.

Thank goodness.

And like her dad was when Boy Meets World debuted, Riley is a middle schooler who's adorably awkward when it comes to flirting.

Like her parents, she finds a potential love interest at a young age.

Her future husband? HIGHLY possible.

But just like her dad with her mom, Riley has no idea how to act around her crush Lucas (Peyton Meyer).

The episode starts with Riley and Maya being lectured by Cory that they're still living in his world.

Picking up pretty much where Boy Meets World ended, with Cory realizing what "boy meets world" meant.

And the pilot ends with Cory giving Riley permission to explore her own world.

...With a subway card. (Things move a little quicker in New York City than they did in the Philly suburbs.)

But the BEST part was at the very end after Cory taught his daughter a lesson and turned around to see Mr. Feeny (William Daniels)!

It wasn't Central Park, but it was wonderful!

Of course Mr. Feeny is still with the Matthews.