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The Cameos In The "Entourage" Movie, Ranked From Worst To Best

From Gary Busey to Warren Buffett. Warning: Light spoilers ahead!

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34. Alyssa Miller

Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

Miller is Vince's date to Lloyd's (Rex Lee) wedding, but all she does is pose in a group picture. Literally, her only job is to stand next to Vince and smile. If she had a line, I didn't hear it. And her scene sadly comes during the credits! Also sadly, she's one of four women on this list of 35.

33. Saigon

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

In anticipation of Hyde's release, Vince decides to have a small screening for some close friends and family. But the event turns into a massive party in Turtle's (Jerry Ferrara) backyard/private beach. It's a star-studded, athlete-filled affair, and rapper Saigon, who Turtle wanted to sign in the series, is there... according to the credits. I don't remember seeing him, so I'm going to put him high up on the long list of cameos in this one scene.


28. Bob Saget

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Vince's notorious neighbor from the series, Saget, is obviously invited to the party/screening, and when his daughter's friends try to sleep with him, he turns to the entourage for help. Yes, it's uncomfortable, but you can't have a true Entourage reunion without Saget.


26. Common

Richard Chapin Downs Jr. / Getty Images

Common also makes a super brief cameo, but at least it's not at Vince's event. After Johnny Drama's (Kevin Dillion) girlfriend's boyfriend catches them having FaceTime sex, he is determined to find Drama and beat him up. He figures out Drama is from Viking Quest and storms through a gym ready to pounce. At one point, he runs past Common, who turns his head away from his workout to see what's happening. But I barely remember this. Hence Common's ranking. (Sorry, Common, but you have an Oscar.)

25. Jon Favreau

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Favreau is also in the party/screening scene, but he has a solid line about giving in and making a part for Drama in the next Iron Man movie. So, props for standing out amid the sausage fest.

24. Clay Matthews

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

I don't know why the Green Bay Packers linebacker is at the party/screening, but he’s been working the cameo circuit this summer. During his fleeting moment in Entourage, he arms wrestles someone, so I'd say his appearance was necessary.


23. Russell Wilson

Ethan Miller / Getty Images

It’s been a great year for the Seattle Seahawks quarterback: He earned a second trip to the Super Bowl (sure, it had a terrible ending, but moving on), and also an invite to Vince’s ~exclusive~ (but not at all) party/screening.

22. Mark Cuban

Scott Halleran / Getty Images

The business mogul, who has helped Turtle build a HUGELY successful tequila brand, is of course invited to a wild house party/screening. Because there would be no house without this man. It's random and fun to see him and Wilson sitting together on the beach, waiting for the movie to start.

21. Rob Gronkowski

Robin Marchant / Getty Images

Somehow, the Patriots' tight end ALSO gets on this invite list. And he is having a blast. He chugs beer out of a funnel, and then gets the crowd cheering for Vince when the first-time director tries to delay the screening out of fear. If I was invited to this party, I'd want to be next to Gronkowski the whole night.

20. Pharrell Williams

Fadel Senna / Getty Images

Pharrell shows up to the party/screening super late, after the partying is mostly done, the sun has set, and everyone is waiting around for the screening to start. When Vince freaks out and cancels the screening, he sees Pharrell walking in and tells the crowd he's going to perform. The singer isn't too happy, but is swarmed by people before he can even make his way to the stage. Props for wearing your awesome hat, Mr. Williams.


17. Thierry Henry

Shaun Botterill / Getty Images

The French soccer player is one of Ari's (Jeremy Piven) neighbors. But he refuses to coach Ari's son's soccer team despite multiple pleas. He's one of the few men in Hollywood to say "no" to Ari and that deserves our respect.

16. Ed O'Neill

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

The Modern Family star is unfortunately driving behind Ari on set when the agent sees someone has parked in his spot and just decides to leave his car in the middle of the road. Sorry, O'Neill.


15. David Spade

Adrian Sanchez-Gonzalez / Getty Images

At one point, Ari is racing across the studio lot to get back to his office, and he's stopped along the way by many actors who want something from him. One is Spade. It's a funny bit, but not funny enough for me to remember what he wanted.

14. Armie Hammer

Tiziana Fabi / Getty Images

Vince creates a big issue for himself and his movie after sleeping with Emily Ratajkowski. Hyde's financier's son, Travis (Haley Joel Osment), has a crush on her and when he finds out, he tries to sabotage Vince's movie. Turns out, Hammer also used to date Ratajkowski, and he confronts Vince about it at lunch. In a fight between Hammer and Vince and his whole entourage, I'd take Hammer.

13. Chad Lowe

Araya Diaz / Getty Images

The Pretty Little Liars star is seated across from Eric and Sloan at a Lamaze class. And proceeds to try to hit on Sloan while his partner leans against him. I chuckled.


10. Maria Menounos

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Menounos is on the Golden Globes red carpet with Matt Lauer talking about Vince's hugely successful film with Ari. She doesn't get a chance to say more than a few lines, but at least she has some in this dude circus.

9. Terrence Jenkins

Noel Vasquez / Getty Images

E! News correspondent Terrence J gets a highly coveted interview on the Golden Globes red carpet with Vince. The best part of the exchange — which was actually filmed at this year's award show — is all the celebs walking past... Hey, George and Amal Clooney!

8. Matt Lauer

Larry Busacca / Getty Images

As previously mentioned, Vince's movie is extremely well-received: It makes over $450 million at the box office and is nominated for three Golden Globes, including one for Drama! So Lauer is on the red carpet, talking with Ari.


7. Kelsey Grammer

John Lamparski / Getty Images

Grammer is walking out of couples therapy, alone, as Ari and Mrs. Ari (Perrey Reeves) are walking in. It didn't go too well for Grammer, but it's funny to see him acknowledge the fact that he's not the best at marriage. He also gives Ari some advice as to where he shouldn't spend his money. (Spoiler: On a therapist.)

6. George Takei

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Lloyd and his fiancé (Greg Louganis) have a big Jewish wedding at Ari's house. ("Ari's house, Ari's religion," he tells someone at the affair). After Ari walks Lloyd down the aisle, Takei is standing there, waiting to officiate. It could not be more perfect.

5. Piers Morgan

Chris Jackson / Getty Images

At the beginning of the film, Vince, Eric, Drama, and Turtle are sitting on a porch overlooking Hollywood, watching interviews they did with Morgan in anticipation of Hyde. But Morgan's best bit might be at the end of the film, when he calls Vince to ask if he has a comment on his friend and boss Ari Gold's resignation, breaking the news to the actor in the process. It's the only twist in the film, and he's responsible for it.

4. Mark Wahlberg

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Wahlberg and his entourage, who inspired this series, show up at the editing studio as Vince is trying to convince Travis to release his film, which he has taken hostage by barricading himself in a room with it. Wahlberg finds out Travis is trying to cut Drama out of Hyde and admits he would flip out if someone ever tried to cut his mother from Wahlburgers, "even if she did suck as much as Drama probably does." Of course Wahlberg was going to make a cameo in this film — while promoting his A&E reality series — but it's sweet to see him stick up for Drama.


3. Warren Buffett

Bill Pugliano / Getty Images

He owns the studio. Obviously. And has a brief moment on screen while passing Ari on a golf cart. I'd like to shake the hand of whoever made this cameo happen.

2. Jessica Alba

Vivien Killilea / Getty Images

Alba is another actor who interrupts Ari as he races across the lot —  she wants her movie greenlit because the one she's currently working on is basically just her standing on set while a first-time director Instagrams her butt. So let's all give her a round of applause for sort of, kind of addressing sexism in Hollywood!