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25 Life Lessons We Learned From Robin Williams Characters

You'll always be our captain, Mr. Keating.

After a nearly 40-year career in Hollywood, Robin Williams died Monday at the age of 63. The actor took on serious and comedic roles on television and in movies, ranging from psychologists to robots to professors to pediatricians, and even a genie. But the one thread that connects them all is their ability to impart wisdom, with lines Williams delivered perfectly.

1. Don't blame yourself.

2. Never devalue a human life.

3. It's important to be an individual.

4. And to speak your mind.

5. Never stop learning.

6. You have to dig deep to find "the one."

7. Live life to the fullest.

8. Always seek out a fresh perspective.

9. And be eager to try new things.

10. Find the good in each situation.

11. Don't take things too personally.

12. The greatest gifts in life are ones that can't be bought.

13. Don't be lazy.

14. Be proactive.

15. Don't be afraid to get in the game.

16. Protect your personal space.

17. Always highlight your strengths.

18. Remember that you've already conquered most of your greatest obstacles.

19. Embrace the inevitable.

20. Don't settle.

21. Know that nothing feels as great or as awful as deep love.

22. If you keep someone in your memory, you will never really lose them.

23. A grand gesture goes a long way.

24. Your true friends always see the best in you.

25. And never forget you hold the cards.