21 Reasons Barbra Streisand Is The Original Diva

    Don't rain on our parade. Just love Barbra like we do.

    First a little mood music.

    1. She can sing you under a bus.

    2. Even Judy Garland appreciates Barbra's voice.

    3. She's goofy...

    4. ...flirty..

    5. ... and not afraid of anyone.

    6. She schmoozes with the most powerful men...

    7. ... and women.

    8. She stands up for herself.

    9. ... and always speaks the truth.

    10. She's a style icon.

    11. And doesn't shy away from bold patterns.

    12. Self-confidence is not an issue.

    13. I mean look at her.

    14. She's beautiful.

    15. Even in lawn clothes.

    16. Or a plain shirt.

    17. But especially when she's dolled up.

    18. Even now, everyone is still trying to replicate her greatness.

    19. Really, she's just the queen of theater.

    20. And we just can't get enough of her sparkle.

    21. So sing away, Babs!