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    11 Major Passover Food Fails

    These mistakes are worse than the plagues. Maybe.

    1. Doing this to a perfectly good matzoh ball:

    There's a place for bacon. It's not here.

    2. Providing this helpful label:

    3. Serving this "kosher for Passover" school lunch option:

    So, so close.

    4. Garnishing this beautiful brisket:

    With cheese. WHY?

    5. Offering this bread-o-riffic Passover menu:

    Thanks for trying!

    6. And this one:

    via Rebecca Berg

    *buys challah*

    *throws away challah*


    7. Making this as a nice pre-seder appetizer:

    8. Putting together a seder plate this way:

    It's the thought that counts, but where is the shank bone and why is there a cactus?

    9. Cereal with no fat, no cholesterol, and no flour.

    No thanks!

    10. Organizing the shelves at Whole Food like so:

    They're clearly not up on their Chametz rules.

    11. Having a cheeseburger for Passover lunch:

    At least they're using Matzoh instead of bread?