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    19 Things That Annoy Everyone From Liverpool

    The Scouse struggle is real.

    1. Popping to "Home and Bargain" but someone pointing out it's actually Home Bargains.

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    Can we at least agree that it's God's gift to us all.

    2. Attracting stares for having your rollers in all day.

    3. Getting caught in the rain and ruining your tan.

    Warner Bros.

    4. Fuming when you're a Blue and have to go to Liverpool One.

    Flickr: 35777972@N02 / Creative Commons

    5. Or being a Liverpool fan and walking past the Everton Two shop.

    6. Realising you can't actually afford anything in the Metquarter.

    Flickr: ell-r-brown / Creative Commons / BuzzFeed / Via

    Maybe one day.

    7. Accidentally coming across a copy of The Sun.

    Twitter: @thehoodedclaw66

    We don't forget.

    8. Trying to communicate with people who can't understand your accent.

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    9. Getting your plans messed up by the Merseyrail updates that never seem to end.

    10. Getting stuck behind all the Beatles tourists.

    Flickr: hddod / Creative Commons

    11. Missing out on tickets to Creamfields and feeling like your social life has come to an end.

    Flickr: alexharries / Creative Commons

    12. Having your dodgy shell suit-wearing history revealed.

    13. Enduring people who aren't even from Liverpool cracking out their Cilla impression.

    Myung Jung Kim / PA Images

    Surprise surprise it's shit.

    14. Risking breaking your neck on the endless cobbles.

    Flickr: 27072829@N00 / Creative Commons / Twitter: @_emily_newton / BuzzFeed / Via

    Why do we even bother?

    15. Struggling through the crowds at the weekend to find something decent in St John's.

    16. Arguing with a non-Scouser about Scouse.

    Flickr: eyedropper / Creative Commons

    You either get it or you don't.

    17. When one of your eyebrows lets the whole team down.

    Chelsea Marshall / BuzzFeed

    *Cancels all plans immediately*

    18. Anyone suggesting the Razz on a Saturday night.

    19. And finally, being asked to explain one of these:

    Flickr: ulleskelf / Creative Commons


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