24 Things People Who Went Clubbing In Liverpool In The ’00s Will Just Get

    1 Quad Vod, 2 Quad Vods, 3 Quad Vods... floor.

    1. Arriving at Lime Street Station and running like a maniac because you pre-gamed too hard for your bladder to cope.

    2. Never making specific plans but still managing to find everyone you know.

    3. Nobody being able to walk on the cobbles.

    4. Starting the night off with Slaters Quad Vods.

    5. Someone getting through too many Quad Vods too early and having to go home.

    6. Heading to the random bar next door to Slaters that also did Quad Vods.

    7. Crossing the street to the Jacaranda back when it used to be beautifully shit.

    8. Things escalating quickly after a cheeky shot in Ca Va.

    9. Getting stuck behind that one person who would spend ages with the menu in Baa Bar.

    10. Feeling like you were in Magaluf when everyone was outside in Concert Square.

    11. Getting lost in Heebie Jeebies and wandering into the middle of a photoshoot or catfight in the girls’ toilets.

    12. Planning your night to ensure you'd be on the stage when the petals came down at Alma de Cuba.

    13. Knowing nothing in your life would ever be as reliable as the Walkabout playlist.

    14. Your shoes sticking to the floor in Mood.

    15. Pretending to be OK with someone suggesting going to the Krazyhouse even though it was definitely not your scene.

    16. Deciding to head over to Matthew Street but forgetting that the walk from Bold Street is the longest fucking journey ever.

    17. Stopping off at McDonalds on the way to catch a fight.

    18. Heading to Flanagan's for a change of scene.

    19. But not actually going to the Cavern Club.

    20. Promising yourself that you wouldn't end up in the Raz.

    21. Trying to work out if staying out past 5am was worth the queue for Garlands.

    22. Riding a Lambanana on the way home.

    23. Ordering a full sit-down dinner at 3am in China Town.

    24. The carnage of the taxi rank outside St John’s in the pre-Uber era when everyone stole each other’s pre-booked cars.