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Pretty Little Liars- Ultimate Theories

Who is Charles? Who hit Bethany? Who is Red Coat? Let's get down to business.. Spoilers below:

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Pretty Little Secrets


PLL has been known as the show of secrets, lies and revenge. But as the finale approaches we will finally get answers to those secrets and lies that we have been waiting for, so let's take a guess at some of the series' most important questions..

Who is Red Coat?


Recently it's been shown that Charles and Red Coat are working together. We known that Ali was a red coat to protect the girls, but who's the head Red Coat that is helping torture the Liars. Is it a widely theorized Cece, or is it someone else completely unsuspected?

Who hit Bethany?


The mystery that surrounded That Night has been quite a tough story to understand. At first, Alison had been the one that was assumed dead but as the season progressed we found out she was alive and that Bethany Young was hit and killed. So the question is, who hit Bethany, why was she hit, and how did she end up in the gazebo where Alison was hit in the head?

What was the NAT club involved in? And who?


We know the NAT filmed Ali and her friends, but it was suspected that the NAT club knew much more than they were letting on. To top it all off, we never found out who exactly was in the club. Who do you think it was besides Ian, Jason and Garrett?

There are so many questions that have remain unsolved that I could go on for hours asking about. So I'll just leave it here: Comment all your theories and predictions as we get ready for the finale August 11!

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