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    Zendaya And Tom Holland Attended A Wedding Together, And There's A Rare, Adorable Pic To Prove It

    OK, so they're dating?!

    We can say with complete certainty that Zendaya and Tom Holland are colleagues and friends, whose onscreen romance throughout the Spider-Man franchise has everyone convinced there's something more going on between them off-camera. Also, they've kissed IRL before, and look suspiciously adorable in pictures.

    Whether the actors are actually dating is slightly less clear. Reports that claim they're in a relationship have circulated for years, but both stars previously denied the existence of a non-platonic connection in any form.

    Still, Zendaya and Tom's cameo appearances on each others' Instagram pages over the past half-decade confirmed that, at least, they enjoyed spending time together.

    And watching Tom openly champion Zendaya's accomplishments, and sing her praises during interviews, only fueled fans' speculation that maybe they really were a couple after all.

    They've always shared a certain chemistry that's difficult to ignore, and it became especially difficult in July, when photos of them kissing in a car in Los Angeles borderline broke the Internet.

    Now — drumroll, please — there's photographic evidence of the pair attending a wedding together. This snap of them surfaced on Esteban Camarillo's Instagram Story earlier today:

    IDK how many times you've invited a friend to a wedding as your plus one and posed beside them for tastefully cuddly group photos, but if you have, I'd venture to suggest y'all might not be friends. LMK your thoughts on this below!