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    Shailene Woodley Explained Why She And Aaron Rodgers Aren't Rushing To Plan Their Wedding, And It's So Reasonable

    "There's no rush."

    Shailene Woodley confirmed her engagement to NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers in February.

    By the time she publicly shared news of the couple's impending nuptials, Shailene said that she and Aaron had already been engaged "for a while."

    Shailene Woodley attends an event at Paris Fashion Week in March 2020

    The pair kept most aspects of their relationship — which started during the pandemic — private until then, and Shailene said they would have held off on announcing the engagement for even longer if doing so meant successfully protecting their secret.

    Aaron Rodgers is pictured in his Green Bay Packers uniform during a football game

    "When we announced that we were engaged, we wanted to do that only because we didn't want someone else to do it before we did," said The Last Letter from Your Lover star in a recent interview with the Hollywood Reporter.

    Shailene Woodley is photographed at an event in Milan, Italy

    Shailene and Aaron aren't hurrying to walk down the aisle either. In the same way they chose to take their time sharing relationship milestones with fans, Shailene said the couple is also approaching wedding preparations at a comfortable pace.

    Shailene Woodley is photographed while taking a picture with a disposable camera in Paris, France

    "There's no wedding planning happening," she said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight this week. "There's no rush. We've got no rush."

    Shailene Woodley is pictured at a fashion show in Paris, France

    Shailene noted that they are focusing on "enjoying" the engagement right now, rather than making arrangements for a ceremony, which seems especially nice after having spent most of their romance living under COVID-19 restrictions.

    Shailene Woodley is pictured at a red carpet event in 2019

    You can read Shailene's additional comments to Entertainment Tonight about her upcoming role in The Last Letter from Your Lover here.