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    Kourtney Kardashian Shared A Seemingly Unedited Bikini Photo, And People Really Loved It

    This comes a few months after Khloé's leaked photo debacle.

    A new photo of Kourtney Kardashian surfaced on Instagram today, courtesy of the official Poosh account.

    She's pictured wearing a thong bikini, and because her lifestyle brand posted the snapshot to promote pilates tips for an "instant butt lift," it's taken from behind.

    Kourtney and her siblings routinely share swimsuit photos to their personal IG pages, but people found this one particularly notable since it appeared to be unedited.

    Whether today's bikini pic, or any other, was retouched or not is unclear. Kourtney's fans showered the Poosh post with praise for showing her natural body and called the photo empowering, refreshing, and beautiful.

    Today's seemingly unedited photo comes a few months after a member of Khloé Kardashian's team accidentally leaked an untouched photo of her wearing a bikini.

    The mistake sparked some drama, panic, and then debate about Khloé's decision to delete the photo, plus her team's efforts to remove it from other social accounts where it had been reposted.

    Khloé addressed the decision in a statement on Instagram, noting that she has "every right" to choose how photos of her body appear online.

    Everyone is correct here. Consent to a personal photo's publication — with full edits, partial edits, barely-there edits, or none at all — is what's important, but, as many of Khloé's critics noted at the time, her family has also perpetuated beauty standards that don't celebrate real bodies.

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