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    Jennifer Lawrence And Ellen DeGeneres Recalled How The Actor Used To "Sit On The Toilet" And Imagine Herself Being Interviewed By Talk Show Hosts As A Kid

    "Any time it was a number two — it was you!"

    Before Jennifer Lawrence became a household name, she was a kid from the suburbs who, apparently, spent quite a bit of time manifesting her future fame from the privacy of various Kentucky restrooms.

    The Don't Look Up star, who landed her breakthrough role in the indie drama Winter's Bone when she was a teenager, now says her younger self used to envision being interviewed by major talk show hosts — mainly Ellen DeGeneres — throughout her childhood.

    Jennifer's hypothetical daytime or late-night TV appearances played out behind closed doors. "She used to sit on the toilet and pretend that I was interviewing her," Ellen said during a recent episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

    Headline-making talk show interviews are no longer a figment of Jennifer's imagination, but the actor and television personality still went ahead and tried to reenact her funny memory in the present day.

    After briefing her studio audience on the fictional bathroom chats of Jennifer's youth, Ellen picked up a landline phone plucked straight out of the '90s and dialed the Oscar winner.

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    Jennifer's conversation with Ellen was her first interview since giving birth earlier this year. She may or may not have answered the call from a bathroom at Ellen's old house, where Jennifer currently lives, but the pair did take a minute to reminisce about their make-believe interactions all those years ago.

    Ellen's long-running series wasn't the only talk show that pre-fame Jennifer pictured herself appearing on. "Oprah [Winfrey], obviously. A little bit of [David] Letterman," Jennifer said.

    "But I was really into your show," she told the host. "So pretty much any time it was a number two — it was you!"

    High praise! You can watch her on The Ellen DeGeneres Show here or via the clip above.