YouTuber Emma Chamberlain Said She's Taking A Longer Break From Her Channel Than Planned, And It's For A Good Reason

    "I haven't taken a step back in a long time."

    Emma Chamberlain is a prolific content creator across multiple platforms. She's especially active on YouTube, where the 20-year-old has been sharing regular videos about anything and everything for more than four years.

    Emma Chamberlain is photographed at the Time 100 Next event in 2019 in New York City

    Her vlogs cover a wide range of content, from party hosting how-to's to skincare tutorials, chats about fashion trends, food, travel and more. Almost 10.5 million people currently subscribe to Emma's YouTube channel.

    Emma Chamberlain attends a fashion show during Paris Fashion Week in March 2020

    If you're one of them, then you might be scrambling for ways to fill the Emma-shaped void in your weekly routines this month. The influencer shared a message with fans, in place of a new video, at the beginning of August to let them know she would be taking some time off.

    Emma Chamberlain is photographed outside during Paris Fashion Week in 2019

    "I took this week off to make cheese boards and go to the beach and clear my mind, so no video this week," Emma wrote. "But I will see you soon. I love you all, and I hope you had a relaxing and beautiful Sunday."

    Emma returned to the channel yesterday with another update, announcing that she'd decided to extend her YouTube hiatus for "a few more weeks." She said that she plans to use the break to consider shifting her online presence in a way that will allow her to create content she's excited about.

    "Taking a few more weeks off to think," Emma wrote in the latest announcement, which appeared in the community section of her channel last night. "I need to take my own advice on taking a break when it's needed."

    "This isn't a negative thing though, I'm thinking a lot about how I can evolve and make things that truly excite me," the post continued. "I haven't taken a step back in a long time to ask myself what that means. I love and appreciate you and I will see you soon."

    Many of Emma's fans shared their support for choice to take a step back in the post's comments section, and assured her they'll still be there whenever she's ready to make videos again. Are you with them on this? Let me know what you think below.