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    Anya Taylor-Joy Said Watching Carrie Bradshaw Navigate Love On "Sex And The City" Helped Her Through A "Horrible Breakup," And The Reason Why Is Really Sweet

    "I'm watching you and Big and it's giving me hope."

    These days, Anya Taylor-Joy is happily partnered, but she's struggled through bad breakups before. When relationships left The Queen's Gambit star feeling "down and out about love," she found solace in the plight of Sarah Jessica Parker's Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City.

    "I was not a good dater and I'm quite glad to not be," Anya said, speaking about her experiences being single in an interview for British Vogue's latest cover story. "I hear stories from my friends and I'm like, 'God, I would suck at that.'"

    Anya posing for photos in a short dress at the 2021 CFDAA Fashion Awards

    Watching Carrie navigate her fictional decades-long romance with Mr. Big on SATC gave Anya "hope," especially while she worked to process one "horrible breakup" in particular.

    Mr. Big holding Carrie in his arms

    The timing apparently coincided with her and SJP's first introduction. So, as Anya explained, she took that opportunity to share some important lessons learned from Carrie about splitting up — and getting over it.

    "I remember when I met Sarah Jessica Parker, I was going through a horrible breakup," Anya recalled. "And I went up to her and I was like, 'I need you to know that I'm watching you and Big and it's giving me hope.'"

    "[Sarah] was like, 'That things will work out?' and I said, 'No! That this will end and I will finally move on!'" Anya continued. "She was like, 'Oh, shit. Sorry.'"

    Anya's take on Carrie's story turned out to be spot on. She's currently dating musician and actor Malcolm McRae, and she gushed a bit over what sounds like a sweet and super-healthy relationship dynamic that's formed between them.

    "I said to my partner the other day ... that he was my hobby," she joked, noting that she tries to prioritize her actual hobby — reading novels — in her spare time. "I see reading as something that I have to do," she said, adding that Malcolm appreciated her joke "because he's the same."

    We love this for her. Check out the rest of Anya's British Vogue interview here.