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    The One Way You Should Be Using Nutella

    Nutella + anything = LIFE!

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    Here's the recipe:

    - One cup of seedless raspberry jam

    - One tsp of vanilla

    - Dumpling wrappers

    - Nutella

    - Banana

    - Water

    - Powdered sugar

    In mixing bowl, combine raspberry jam and vanilla. Microwave high for one minute or until smooth. Smear a teaspoon worth of Nutella into the center of the dumpling wrapper. Add a few slices of ripe banana. Wipe the edges of the dumpling wrapper with water, fold over, and push out any air bubbles. Seal the dumpling with a fork. Heat oil over medium high. Fry dumplings until golden brown. Sift powdered sugar over dumplings and serve with the raspberry dipping sauce. Enjoy!

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