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These Fried Tofu Shrimp Balls Are Palete Candy

Needed ASAP.

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Fried Tofu Shrimp Balls

Here's a video to show how it's made:

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14 oz of medium firm tofu

1/2 lb of minced shrimp

3/4 cup of diced water chestnuts

3 garlic cloves

1/2 Tbsp. of ginger

2 tsp of salt

2 tsp of white pepper

1 Tbsp. of soy sauce

1 Tbsp. of sesame oil




Oil for frying

Soy sauce, chili garlic sauce and green onions for dipping


Combine tofu, shrimp, water chestnuts, cloves, ginger, salt, white pepper, soy sauce and sesame oil until everything is well-incorporated. Form balls, dust in flour, dip in egg and cover in panko. Fry until crispy and golden brown.

Mix together your favorite dipping sauce and enjoy!

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