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    These Chocolate Raspberry Cups Are Delicately Delicious



    Chocolate Raspberry Cups

    Here's a video that shows you how they are made:


    Yields: 30

    Raspberry Cream:
    1 cup of raspberries

    1/3 cup of powdered sugar

    1 tablespoon of lemon juice

    1 cup of heavy cream

    4 ounce of cream cheese

    Chocolate Cups:
    1 cup of white chocolate chips

    1/2 teaspoon of magenta food gel

    Mini cupcake liners

    2 cups of dark chocolate chips


    Mint leaves


    1. Blend together raspberries, powdered sugar and lemon juice until you have a smooth puree.

    2. Strain the puree into a large mixing bowl. Discard the seeds.

    3. Add the heavy cream and cream cheese. Mix until everything is evenly incorporated. Refrigerate until ready to use.

    4. In a small mixing bowl, melt the white chocolate chips. Stir in the magenta food gel and pour into a small sealable plastic bag.

    5. Lay out your mini cupcake liners on a wire rack. Take your plastic bag of magenta colored chocolate and snip one edge. Drizzle the chocolate over the mini cupcake liners, design to your preference. Set aside while you prepare the dark chocolate.

    6. In a small mixing bowl, melt the dark chocolate. Pour a spoonful of dark chocolate into the mini cupcake liner. Rotate the cupcake liner so the dark chocolate coats everything, flip over so excess chocolate drips out. Repeat with remaining cupcake liners.

    7. Set chocolate. Once hardened, peel off the cupcake liner. Fill each chocolate cup with the raspberry cream. Top with a fresh raspberry and garnish with some mint leaves.

    8. Enjoy!

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