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Posted on Nov 25, 2013

Why We Should All Be Eating Sweet Potato Casserole All Year Round

It is the very BEST Thanksgiving side. End of story.

If looking at this picture does absolutely nothing for you, please excuse yourself from this internet browser. / MSPhotographic

If the amount of brown sugar sitting atop this magic mountain doesn't make your cavities dance with joy, then GO FLOSS. Get outta here. / Lorraine Kourafas

If you literally wish nothing more than to dive face-first into this pile of squishy goodness, please stay. / Joyce Vincent

Join us on this food journey.

Johnny Miller /

FACT: Sweet potato casserole consists of healthy ingredients ONLY.

This perfect combination of good sugars (molasses and marshmallows), great protein (candied pecans), and a solid amount of veggies will hold you over for life.

Miki Duisterhof /

Your body needs no other nutrients. TRUE STORY.

*Not a true story.

OTHER FACT: Sweet potato casserole is one of the only foods IN THE WORLD that won't make you gain weight if you eat lots of it.

The Inner Gourmet /

But if you do gain weight after you eat lots of it, it's probably water weight or something.

Carla's Cookbook /

Can we even talk about THIS smush?? / Via Robert Smith /

Or, THIS mush??

THIS sugary, starchy mass.

My Honeys place /

This is the actual gift that keeps on giving. Not money. Not friendship. Not a rose bush. Just this.

Beth Dreiling Hontzas /

We should all be eating this right here, every day of the week.

Fabulessly Frugal /

Hell, every day of the month.



Oxmoor House /


FoxBsos / Twitter: @FoxBSoS

We should all have one cooking ALWAYS. You're on to something, sir.

Nolanbush / Twitter: @nolanbush

* I smell a casserole candle in the works.

These are words to live by.

Claire_lines / Twitter: @claire_lines

We shall all follow suit in this face-stuffing ritual.

AstoldbyKirsten / Twitter: @AsToldByKirsten

For those of you who don't appreciate the yammish goodness, GIVE IT ONE MORE CHANCE.

seanblendy / Twitter: @seanblendy

You shall not be disappointed!!

Jamie Geller /

*If you try it again and you are in fact disappointed, I've got nothing.

For sweet potato casserole is the food of the gods.

The Southern Vegan /

There is no other food on earth like it.

Caitlin Sole /

Nor will there ever be.

Caitlin Sole /

So take advantage of every. Single. Bite. This Thursday.

Tara Ziegmont /

OR join me in continuing to celebrate this absolute perfection after the holiday has passed.

Caitlin Sole /

Here's to sweet potato casserole, everybody!!

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