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    Just Another Reason Why Ellen DeGeneres Is The Very Best

    Some nice folks on a WB backlot tour got a lot more than they bargained for when Ellen surprised them with margaritas and Ashton Kutcher. I think we can all agree this gal deserves a solid pat on the back.

    I mean, who takes time out of their busy day to supply heavenly beverages to tourists in the heat? This lady. This lady does that.

    She even goes a step further by offering them hydration and a chance to cool off.

    You can tell she truly cares about their safety above all other things. Sort of like those moms with the baby harnesses shaped like a monkey.

    She even introduces her lucky visitors to her very favorite staff members.

    Then makes sure they feel comfortable and right at home.

    The best part is when she gives them a window into what work life is like on Ellen.

    Then shows them what it means to be a respected and loving boss.

    She really admires their life goals and gives them the finest opportunity to join in.

    Finally, she calls in Ashton Kutcher and Jon Cryer to make sure they've fully enjoyed their experience on set.

    Watch the hilarious video here!


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