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Harry Styles Makes Pizza With Cindy Crawford's Kids

Totally normal.

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Harry stopped by the Crawford house two weeks prior to cheer up Presley, Cindy's 14-year-old son, after he had his tonsils removed.


Her son tweeted after this picture "I was chilling at my house after I got my tonsils taken out and my sister had a friend over to hang."

Oh, his sister's friend is Harry Styles. Nbd.

Kaia Gerber / Via

This is Kaia, Cindy's 12-year-old daughter, who looks like this. Also, nbd. I totally looked exactly like that when I was in middle school.

He then came back and casually made dinner with Presley and his friends.

Presley Gerber / Via

Presley tweeted at Harry afterward saying, "Thanks for stopping by the house again and helping the boys and I make our pizzas. Harry then replied, "Anytime brother. See you for surfing soon." Oh, so they're actually best friends now.

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