Harry Styles Makes Pizza With Cindy Crawford’s Kids

Totally normal.

1. Harry stopped by the Crawford house two weeks prior to cheer up Presley, Cindy’s 14-year-old son, after he had his tonsils removed.

Her son tweeted after this picture “I was chilling at my house after I got my tonsils taken out and my sister had a friend over to hang.”

2. Oh, his sister’s friend is Harry Styles. Nbd.

Kaia Gerber / Via instagram.com

This is Kaia, Cindy’s 12-year-old daughter, who looks like this. Also, nbd. I totally looked exactly like that when I was in middle school.

3. He then came back and casually made dinner with Presley and his friends.

Presley Gerber / Via web.stagram.com

Presley tweeted at Harry afterward saying, “Thanks for stopping by the house again and helping the boys and I make our pizzas. Harry then replied, “Anytime brother. See you for surfing soon.” Oh, so they’re actually best friends now.

4. Finally, he posed with Kaia again and went on to live his fabulous life.

Kaia Gerber / Via instagram.com

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