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9 Reasons To See Off-Broadway's "Small Engine Repair"

The amount of hilarious and inappropriate jokes are enough alone.

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What's it about?

The play, written by John Pollono, tells a story about a few high school pals who reunite in a repair shop. After a few beers, among other things, things get a little out of hand. What seems like a mildly enjoyable reunion ends up somewhere ABSOLUTELY INSANE.

1. Fans of Pretty Little Liars, there is no doubt about it; you will see Toby Cavanaugh in a WHOLE NEW LIGHT.

Frazer Harrison/Staff

*By the way, the T.V. show doesn't do his acting chops justice. He is an incredibly well-rounded actor with a dynamic skill set.

2. There has never been a more attractive group of men onstage. True story.

This all-star cast for MCC Theater’s Off-Broadway play stars James Badge Dale (World War Z), Keegan Allen (“Pretty Little Liars”), playwright/actor, John Pollono, and James Ransone (AMC’s “Low Winter Sun,” HBO’s “The Wire”).


3. The dialogue makes the experience feel authentic, no matter how good or bad the character may be.

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The characters say whatever they want, whenever they please. Listening to them throw each other under the bus and poke fun at one another makes for an incredibly entertaining audience experience.

4. It's 100% inappropriate and we loved it.

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This is exactly what you would imagine four guys sitting around a garage drinking beers would be like. Prepare yourselves for some incredibly descriptive and enthusiastic conversations about sex and old flings!


7. You don't have to be a theatre buff to enjoy this story.

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Actor and Playwright, John Pollono, wrote it with his high school friends in mind. The narrative is delivered in a sense that you can watch it from an outsider's point-of-view and still find aspects of the play completely relatable.

8. The storyline encourages you to let go of your expectations.

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The play is not at all what it seems, you go in thinking one thing and it leads to something entirely different. Don't bother trying to figure it out, just watch it unfold.

9. Most importantly, it reminds the audience that acting like a responsible adult is a choice, not a given.

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People make bad decisions at all ages. Period. The majority of these characters are somewhat immature and childish? Basically, hitting 35 doesn't make life any easier, so handle every situation like the decent person you might be.

Look for it at the Lucille Lortel Theatre and buy your tickets before December 21st.