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    Jan 30, 2014

    32 Pictures Of Katy Perry's Style Evolution

    No matter what she wears, she's still one of the most glamorous celebs ever.

    1. Katy started out her musical journey with very silky pants and very pointy shoes.

    Amanda Edwards/Stringer

    Date: February 2004

    2. Eventually, with the help of this massive faux flower, she transitioned into a young hopeful musician.

    Date: February 2005

    3. You can see the beginning stages of her retro-inspired aesthetic come to life around 2006.

    Matthew Simmons/Stringer

    Date: April 2006

    4. Although after a year, she steered away from the "Joan Holloway" look.

    Katy Winn/Stringer

    Date: September 2007

    5. The lady's been experimenting with different fabrics and patterns since day one. Exhibit A: Fruit dress.

    Stephen Lovekin/Staff

    Date: February 2008

    6. Exhibit B: Satin '80s dress.

    Frederick M. Brown/Stringer

    Date: May 2008

    7. She looked that girl who lives next door, but doesn't really, in this casual dress with nonchalant hair.

    Will Ragozzino/Stringer

    Date:June 2008

    Wonder how that guy's video turned out?

    8. After "I Kissed a Girl" debuted, her getups were more and more vibrant. A modern-day Little Mermaid, if you will.

    Jesse Grant/Stringer

    Date: June 2008

    9. Her makeup even matched her clothes.

    Florian Seefried/Stringer

    Date: September 2008

    10. In 2009, she got a bob and updated those silk pants.

    Francois Durand/Stringer

    Date: January 2009

    11. Katy looked like a beautiful birthday cake in this lovely dress. Not to mention her makeup looked fantastic.

    Jason Merritt/Staff

    Date: February 2009

    12. Eventually, she spiced things up with crop tops and sequins.

    Noel Vasquez/Stringer

    Date: May 2009

    13. She looked like a regular California gal in this colorful jumpsuit.

    Amy Sussman/Stringer

    Date: July 2009

    14. Ultimately, her signature look was revealed during the summer. Minnie Mouse-chic, you could call it.

    Eamonn McCormack/Stringer

    Date: June 2009

    15. Waking up in Vegas, perhaps? This showgirl-inspired outfit made an appearance in 2009.

    Amy Sussman/Stringer

    Date: September 2009

    16. Fast-forward a wee bit, her makeup is less theatrical and her formal attire is more modest-ish.

    Dave M. Benett/Stringer

    Date: November 2009

    17. She must've been inspired by the '60s with her floral gown and straight-across bangs.

    Christopher Polk/Staff

    Date: January 2010

    18. The popstar persona is in full effect at the Kids Choice Awards in 2010.

    Michael Buckner/Staff

    Date: March 2010

    19. More than a year later, she's moved onto her high-fashion wig phase.

    Jason Merritt/Staff

    Date: June 2010

    20. Shortly after, she tries out the "fancy ice skater".

    Date: September 2010

    21. Eventually, she's back to black looking like a classic Hollywood starlet in this beautiful gold, off-the-shoulder dress.

    Jason Merritt/Staff

    Date: December 2010

    22. Her wardrobe from 2011 is gorgeous. Period.

    Jason Merritt/Staff

    Date: February 2011

    23. Maybe she was in the mood to mix things up with new hair at the Smurf's premiere?

    Jemal Countess/Staff

    Date: July 2011

    24. Certainly so at the AMA's.

    Date: November 2011

    25. One of my personal favorites was this crazy outfit paired with her memorable blue bob.

    Michael Buckner/Staff

    Date: February 2012

    26. Then things got a little more sophisticated during Paris Fashion Week.

    Pascal Le Segretain/Staff

    Date: March 2012

    27. Who didn't love her goth-inspired phase?

    Jason Merritt/Staff

    Date: May 2012

    28. Fall 2012, Katy looked like an actual movie star.

    Mike Coppola/Staff

    Date: October 2012

    29. Then the Queen of Pop come Spring!

    Jamie McCarthy/Staff

    Date: May 2013

    30. This effortless stage was one of her personal best.

    Jason Merritt/Staff

    Date: November 2013

    31. She's still the same Katy: Dressing for herself and no one else!

    Jason Merritt/Staff

    Date: January 2014

    32. Finally, we'll end on this.

    Larry Busacca/Staff

    Date: January 2014

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