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The 21 Most Magical Moments From Paul Walker In "Meet The Deedles"

If you haven't seen this Oscar-worthy movie, you should be ashamed. It is splendid and HE is splendid. The man can do no wrong, people.

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1. When the movie starts out and he was yawning and pretending to sleep on a hammock.

2. When he was wearing a bucket hat and smooshed his face up against this window.

3. When he made this extremely scared face while he was sitting on a skateboard traveling down a hill.

4. When he acted like he was really dizzy while wearing this sweatshirt.

5. When we noticed that he wore ladies' underwear.

6. When he showed us that he was in fact, a very mature adult.

7. When he fainted and then a maggot got stuck to his forehead.

8. When he wore these socks on his hands and sat in a box.

9. When he took his climbing instructions very seriously.

10. When he acted like an extremely respectful gentleman.

11. When he made this really intense, horrified face.

12. When he practiced safety and reminded us to "stop, drop and roll."

13. When he proved he could survive in the wilderness.

14. When he showed his animal support by feeding this prairie dog a Twizzler.

15. When he was honest and ate a Twinkie how everyone else really eats a Twinkie.

16. When he said the phrase "earth-wormy goodness" and we could totally relate.

17. When his potentially unromantic kiss turned out well and he was totally proud of himself.

18. When he went surfing on a river and there was no CGI involved whatsoever.

19. When we embraced his decision to jump in this hot spring.

20. When he got to say all of these solid one-liners.

21. Lastly, when this scene happened.

All GIF's Courtesy of DiC Enterprises and Peak Productions

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