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This "Zombeavers" Trailer Is As Bizarre As It Sounds

Just remember one thing: real people put time and money into this.

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If you thought you were sick of mashed-up movie titles like "Sharknado" and the plots that go along with them, you thought wrong. From Epic Pictures comes the story of a group of college friends on vacation at a cabin in the woods. Sounds familiar, right?

Wrong. Little do they know, a pack of hungry zombie beavers is waiting for them in a nearby pond. And if you were hoping for the innuendo you'd expect from a movie about beavers, look no farther than this snippet of dialogue from the trailer:

Man with Rifle: You girls from out of town?

College Girl 1: We're staying over there at my cousin's place.

College Girl 2: We're looking for beavers.

Man with Rifle: Well hell, ain't we all?

So, enjoy this trailer. And just wait 'til the last 10 seconds.

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