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    How Your Spring Break Diet Probably Went

    You vowed to start hitting the gym and watching what you eat when you booked your vacation. But that was four months ago...

    1. You booked your trip, and got excited that you had four months to get in shape.

    2. You decided to start slow at the gym.

    3. You also began to watch what you eat.

    4. Then winter break hit, and the holiday food binge commenced.

    5. Back at school, you and your friends vowed to make the next two and a half months the healthiest months of your lives.

    6. The weekend happened.

    7. Monday comes, and for the next week you only bring carrots and hummus for lunch.

    8. The next weekend happened.

    9. Your other friends seem to be having the easiest time dieting...

    10. You get sick of hearing about people’s diets.

    11. And you get sick of people asking you about yours.

    12. You now start to think that maybe you should just accept your body the way that it is.

    13. With a month left, you realize the gym is probably a good idea.

    14. And you should probably cut out the weekly Chipotle runs.

    15. Looking online for new bathing suits, you find yourself despising the models in the pictures.

    16. With two weeks to spare, you shun any and all types of breads, chips, and snacks from your diet.

    17. And you promise to cut down on the alcoholic calories, too.

    18. You begin to practice poses to find the ones that look the best in pictures.

    19. You give in and buy a trendy cover up, preparing for the worst.

    20. But in the end, you realize that no matter what you look like, having an amazing time with your friends is all that will really matter.