emily farr
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    • emily farr

      Not denying PETA’s euthanasia policies. However, when I looked at multiple sources about the issue, PETA is often left to euthanize sick animals that are rejected from other shelters and no-kill shelters. PETA will also take animals slated for euthanasia from shelters who use outdated inhumane methods of euthanasia like gas chambers. I just don’t support a full condemnation of an organization that actually helps animals across many situations. Do I think they should invest more of their resources into no-kill shelters? Sure. However, I would also argue that equal attention should be given to the root of why we need shelters in the first place. Perhaps it’s consumer desire for breed specific pets, lack of sterilization resources, or the ease with which people rationalize getting rid of their pet that crowd shelters and lead to euthanasia in the first place. Here is a great article from a reputable news source on the PETA euthanasia issue that gives voice to both sides of the issue and it’s not a mouthpiece article for the PETA lobby or The Center for Consumer Freedom Lobby

    • emily farr

      This is my point people! www.petakillsanimals.com is a website run by Center for Consumer Freedom. Rick Berman is a shady nasty guy that runs these smear groups on behalf of various food industry lobbies. HSUS and PETA have run successful campaigns to change living conditions for animals that are raised for consumption. These regulatory changes can increase costs for meat producers and so some corporations opt to obtain the services of Rick Berman and crew to tarnish the public’s opinion of animal rights/welfare orgs by running misinformation campaigns. www.petakillsanimals.com is not some scientific peer reviewed journal instead it is the product of a self-promoting lobby group.

    • emily farr

      So just wondering are the people posting comments on here working for Rick Berman’s Center for Consumer Freedom? Some on here are criticizing a lack of critical thinking yet quote information that was propagated by a shady “non-profit” organization that is a front group for fast food, meat, and tobacco industries.
      Check this out if you want to dig a little deeper:

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