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    Posted on Jan 8, 2018

    We Got A Makeover From Rihanna's Makeup Artist Using Fenty Beauty

    "If you're not gonna do the most, then what are you really doing?"

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    Rihanna is queen, and her entire self is always flawless.


    One of the reasons why is her makeup.

    Watch these women get a makeover from RiRi's makeup artist!

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    We had Daniela, Patrice, and Essence get a makeover from Rihanna's makeup artist, Hector Espinal, using products from her Fenty Beauty by Rihanna.


    Lucky gals.

    Hector decided to give Daniela a glowy highlight.


    He recommended applying primer with a foundation brush from the center of the face out.

    Patrice got a bold statement lip because Hector wanted to bring focus to her lips.


    And he gave Essence a badass graphic eyeliner that was the most to bring focus to her almond-shaped eyes.


    "Did these brushes touch Rihanna?"

    He wanted to make sure that Patrice's lip gloss was the center of attention so the face had to be very matte.


    Hector recommended using a slanted lipstick to create a lip line before filling in the lips.

    He went heavy on the highlighter in the under eye since the eye makeup was going to be so bold and beautiful on Essence.


    He also assured her that the Fenty translucent powder was, indeed, translucent.

    Another one of Hector's awesome tips was to follow the lower lashline upwards to get a winged eyeliner.


    When Daniela saw herself, she loved what Hector had done.


    "I look like a Moscow mule cup, but in the best way possible."

    Patrice said she looked sexy, edgy, and the look Hector picked was totally her style.


    And Essence really, really loved her look. Like, she didn't want to give back the mirror.


    Can you blame her?

    Nailed it, Rhi Rhi.


    "Rihanna's makeup artist, Hector, just slayed the hell out of our faces."