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7 Tips To Not Looking Like A Freshman During Your Freshman Year Of College

Freshman year is rough and one of the worst parts is feeling ostracized and looked down upon by literally everyone else at the University. But there are ways to not look like a Freshman during your Freshman year. Even if you don't end up fitting in with the upperclassman crowd, you'll at least develop a few good habits for the next few years.

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1. Treat your Professors like real people

Not all of your Professors are going to be your favorite people, or even that pleasant but it's important to remember that they are real people. The way to win a Professor's approval isn't found in turning in star papers or answering every question correctly, it's visiting them in office hours, showing up to class on time, being attentive and taking interest in the subject. Professors are very smart and they're there to help you and remembering to take the help their often very willing to give is likely going to give you a leg up in their grade-book.

2. Accept the fact that floorcest is real and that it can happen to you

Floorcest is what happens when two people from the same dormitory floor sleep together or engage in a relationship. College is a whole different world where you'll be seeing your peers and classmates a lot more often than you did in High School. This means significant others as well. Relationships lead to drama and drama with a person you'll have to encounter every single day is not something you want to deal with your Freshman year.

3. Don't let the fear of the Freshman fifteen control your life

Everyone knows the curse of the Freshman Fifteen. But this doesn't mean you suddenly have to start eating lettuce and water for every meal of the day. The fear of the freshman fifteen can work in reverse and students can start to lose dangerous amounts of weight trying to avoid it. Learn what constitutes a healthy diet and follow it. Being underweight is just as dangerous (if not more dangerous) than being overweight.

4. Pay attention during the safe drinking presentations

During orientation you'll be sitting through a lot of presentations and if you're going to choose one to listen to make the one about safe drinking. Drinking can be a fun social activity at college, but it can also be a deadly one. Learn the habits of safe drinkers and learn how to become one. Remember, watching what you drink and how much you drink doesn't make you a stiff, it just helps you to keep having fun without getting hurt.

5. Go to bed at a reasonable hour

It's tempting when you no longer have Mom telling you when to go to bed to stay up until 1 am on the weeknights watching TV or browsing BuzzFeed but at the end of the day sleep deprivation is no laughing matter. Good sleeping habits will make you happier and healthier and developing them during Freshman year is even better.

6. Don't be afraid of looking like a "nerd"

Skipping out on a fun night to get a paper done sucks but sometimes it's necessary. Remember that college is basically a community of people who are (mostly) dedicated to getting an education of some kind. While the social experience is important it's not the only thing you'll want to take with you when you graduate. Missing one fun night to get that A+ is always worth it. Besides, that A+ gives you a great excuse to go all out celebrating.

7. Do the things you actually want to do; not the things you think you're supposed to want to do

You've seen enough movies and heard enough stories to know what constitutes the "quintessential" college experience. But don't feel the need to match all those stereotypes to the T. A lot of what you'll see in the movies is very unhealthy and very impractical and mimicking it can end very badly. Do what makes you happy and what will fulfill you. Don't let a mindset control how you spend the best four years of your life. Be yourself and enjoy the next four years.

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