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    The Inner Turmoils Of Having Celiac Disease

    What it feels like when gluten becomes the enemy.

    So you have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease.... / Via

    ... Maybe it came as a surprise to you. / Via

    Or perhaps it came as a sigh of relief after feeling like this...

    Initially you may feel positive / Via

    after bad could it be??

    But eventually your positivity wears down

    Because avoiding gluten isn't as easy as you thought

    You may find yourself doing a lot of this...

    And this...

    Because finding nice food to eat may be a little hard at first

    Your friends will probably think your crazy

    So you try your best to explain it to them

    They may react a little like this..

    "Oh it isn't that bad! You have heaps of gluten-free food to eat thanks to fad diets!"

    Or perhaps like this..

    "...are you serious! I would not be able to go without eating gluten, that's way too hard!"

    You know they mean well..

    But all you wanted was a little support

    Life may look a little different to you from now on..

    and it may seem like everyone around you is doing this

    But it's not all bad, so don't let gluten get you down

    For instance, You will always have a special bond with other Gluten-free people you meet

    You will never again have to deal with a fast food hangover

    or the disappointment when you realize that fast food isn't as great as you remember.

    and when you do find the ideal gluten-free comfort food

    Gluten will never compare!

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