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23 Drunk People Who Failed So Hard At Food They Basically Won

The last one is gold.

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2. This sleeping beauty.

4. Whoever ended up eating this.

5. And the person who thought this was a thing.

6. This dude who just really wanted breakfast in bed.

7. This pizza enthusiast.

8. This Betty Crocker in training.

9. This architect.

10. Everyone who let this happen.

13. The fire breathing dragon who did this.

14. And this kid who hacked the system.

15. These sophisticated young men.

16. These overzealous customers.

17. This Danish Captain Hook.

18. This guy who really really wanted McDonald's...

19. ...and this guy who thought he wanted McDonald's, but actually wanted a grilled cheese.

20. This really close friend.

21. This future dentist of America.

22. The sick person who created this.

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