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  • 20 Things That Guy From The NYTimes Should Have Done In Williamsburg If He Really Wanted To Be A Hipster

    You may have seen the so “ridic” NYTimes article all about how a “true Manhattanite” became a hipster by staying at the Wythe Hotel for a weekend, venturing to Bushwick on a “fixie” bike, dining at Roberta’s, getting a clean shave, and buying some “organic farmer” like clothing. Well, there are some things that guy totally missed and anyone who knows Williamsburg and “Bedford Street” would say “obvi” guy, what were you thinking? Poke fun of us all you want NYTimes but here are 20 things you should have done if you were actually trying to experience Williamsburg before you took a big dump on it. Most of them praised by NYTimes in former years. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/05/02/fashion/williamsburg.html

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