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24 Times '90s Tony Blair Made You Go Weak At The Knees

Before the #Milifans came the #Blairettes.

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Ed Miliband has attracted quite a following in this election campaign. But Tony Blair was the first Labour leader to make us weak at the knees. Let's examine the evidence.

1. That time he oozed machismo on the racing track and you wished he would take you for a quick spin.

John Marsh / EMPICS Sport

2. The time he deftly headed a ball to Kevin Keegan, like the sports god he is.

PA Archive

3. Yeah, he knows he's got it.

4. When he saved goal after goal and didn't care about getting down and dirty.

Stefan Rousseau / PA Archive

5. That time he casually rocked an Adidas trackie to visit Man United boss Alex Ferguson and was mobbed more than the footballers.

Steve Eason / Getty Images

(But let's just forget this ever happened.)

6. That time he spent hours perfecting this smouldering look. We're glad you did, Tony.

Krause, Johansen / Getty Images

7. He could make people go weak at the knees with one glance. Here a young Douglas Alexander can only watch in awe.

PA Archive

8. Women couldn't keep away. This is Rosie Winterton, then John Prescott's press aide and now Labour's chief whip.

John Giles / PA Archive

9. She wasn't the only one who wanted a piece of the Blair.

Sean Dempsey / Getty Images

10. This girl was thrilled to get close to him and frankly we're all jealous of her proximity.

Eddie Mulholland / PA Archive

11. Because this was a man of the people, a guy who could down a pint with the lads. What. A. Legend.

Ian Waldie / PA Archive

12. In fact, how about two? True lad.

Sean Dempsey / PA Archive

13. That time he made you wish you were in Blackpool so he could share his bag of chips with you.

Ian Waldie / PA Archive

14. The time he showed up on a building site and showed them how it was done.

Peter Jordan / PA Archive

15. He even liked to flex his muscles for the lucky, lucky camera crews.

Sean Dempsey / PA Archive

16. And he could effortlessly blend in with a hunky rugby team.

Sean Dempsey / PA Archive

17. That time he showed off his football knowledge with England coach Glenn Hoddle.

Fiona Hanson / PA Archive

18. And rocked an impressive mullet hanging out with Tottenham Hotspur chair Alan Sugar.

David Cheskin / PA Archive

19. That time he played crouching games with schoolkids even when they made him look a bit silly.

Dan Chung / PA Archive

20. He could bat away any question fired at him by David Frost by flashing his cheeky grin.

David Cheskin / PA Archive

21. The time he charmed this smitten student as he launched Labour's trendy new website.

Fiona Hanson / PA Archive

22. The time journalists were kept back because quite frankly, this man was on fire.

Dave Kendall /PA Archive

23. That time he said, "A new dawn has broken, has it not?" and women across the nation said: "Yes, yes it has."

Gerry Penny / Getty Images
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    My heart will always belong to Tony Blair.
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So which Labour leader is the one for you?
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    My heart will always belong to Tony Blair.
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    I'm Ed over heels for Miliband.

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