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Private School Probs And Wins

Pros and cons of private universities.

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Problem: 'Syllabus Week' is really Starting Lectures Week

We waste no time here.

Win: Already know all the professors because there's only like 10.

You even get to see some twice in one day!

Win: You know pretty much everyone here.

This school is minuscule.

Prob: You know pretty much everyone here....

Oh, YOU again..

Prob: We have no dead week before finals

Win: We get out one week before everyone else!

Win: That prestigious education.

Seriously. Hire me.

Prob: This school is so expensive you wonder how anyone can be here without scholarships

Prob: Dry campus?

Win: Bus comes to campus to take you downtown.. AKA the bars.

Win: Campus is not even 1 mile wide making those winter walks short.

Prob: There is ZERO parking if you live off campus and try arriving anytime after 7am.

Prob: Since the school is small.. sometimes certain classes just aren't offered.

Win: Classes are always small. Always.

Win: We have Homecoming. It's kind of a big deal.

Prob: It's not really that big of a deal.. We don't have a celebration we are known for like most schools.

We just can't pull off a little 500.

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