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    • emilieh4055168ea

      I used to work as a marketing and merchandising analyst for a major retailer. I was on a team of analysts staffed by both men and women but run by a very sexist man. We were in a team meeting discussing if items like pads and tampons should be placed on promotional displays in our stores or if those weren’t the kinds of items that would do well in those spaces. The other women and I started to try to explain how women shop for pads and tampons to the men on the team (using both our own personal experience as users of those products and also cold hard customer data from our databases) only to be harshly rebuked by Kyle, our idiotic and mansplaining team lead who said ‘Listen, that’s not how women shop for pads and tampons ok? I know how women shop for pads and tampons’. He then proceeded to advance his own non sensical theory on how women shop for pads and tampons while all the women in the room felt dead inside.

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