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    17 Experiences That Everyone With Autism Can Relate To

    Socially awkward? More like socially AWESOME!

    1. Nonverbal greetings are a perennial source of awkwardness.

    2. Sometimes you have to wonder if some people are trying too hard to be "normal."

    3. There's always that one social "norm" that literally nobody can justify, so you simply don't care anymore.

    4. You cringe when you see a magazine article trying to "explain" Autism.

    5. When people talk about Autism on the news, you just can't take them seriously.

    6. And it's true that there are some things that most people seem to have no trouble with, but continue to vex you.

    7. And, unfortunately, there's always someone who doesn't get your sense of humour.

    8. But that's better than the people who think they can "correct" your thought process.

    9. Or those inescapable conversations with someone who says it's "not a real disorder."

    10. Not to mention the dreadful knowledge that Anti-Vaxxers continue to exist.

    11. Sometimes it seems like nobody around you makes any sense at all.

    12. Sometimes you can just cut to the point faster than anybody else.

    13. You often find comfort in your routines.

    14. Even though you don't always NEED those routines, you still dread that feeling you get when they are disrupted.

    15. It's always great meeting other people on the Spectrum.

    16. Nothing can match that wonderful feeling when you figure out how to work WITH your "disorder" and not against it.

    17. Because at the end of the day, no matter how "odd" some people might think you are, you can still be incredibly successful and happy.