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Watch This Woman Explain Why Boycotting The NFL Is Not The Answer

"I would rather fight back."

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YouTube host and football mega-fan Katie Nolan has no intention of of giving up her NFL obsession, and she doesn't think you should, either.

In an episode of her YouTube show No Filter posted Tuesday, Nolan said that boycotting the NFL in response to its handling of Baltimore Ravens runningback Ray Rice's domestic violence "means walking away. I would rather fight back."

"A boycott would just remove the critical thinkers from the NFL conversation, and leave the league to continue making billions of dollars with even less accountability," Nolan said.

Women's opinions need to be heard, she said, and that starts with the media becoming more open to female commentators and analysts.

"It's time for women to have a seat at the big boy table, and not where their presence is a gimmick or a concept — just a person who happens to have breasts offering their opinion on the sports they love and the topics they know."

Watch the entire video below.

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