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    I Rewatched "Friends" And Have Gathered That Rachel And Ross's Relationship Was Awful – Here Are 33 Reasons Why

    They were *exhales deeply* ON A BREAK!

    Friends is known for the iconic on-again, off-again relationship between Ross Geller and Rachel Green. I've rewatched the entire series and gathered evidence as to why they don’t hold a candle to Monica/Chandler, Phoebe/Mike, and Joey/whomever. These two are – quite simply – the absolute worst. Here's why:

    1. Ross

    2. Rachel

    3. Ross's relationship with Julie

    4. Rachel being "over" Ross

    5. The list

    6. "Lobster" logic

    7. The infamous break

    8. The fact that they WERE actually on a break

    9. The tiny t-shirt debacle

    10. Rachel's 18-page letter

    11. Ross's refusal to let some things go

    12. Ross's hasty marriage to Emily

    13. Rachel not wanting to be with Ross but not wanting anyone else to be with Ross either

    14. Rachel's insistence that she couldn't go to Ross's wedding

    15. When she went to the wedding anyway, leaving Phoebe home alone pregnant with triplets

    16. Ross said Rachel's name instead of Emily's AT THEIR WEDDING

    17. Rachel then thought it meant something

    18. Don't even get me started on their drunken Las Vegas marriage

    19. When they forgot about said drunken Vegas wedding

    20. Ross deciding not to go through with the annulment

    21. They always stole Monica's thunder

    22. Seriously... They stole Monica's thunder, like, all the time

    23. Ross's reaction to Rachel telling him she's preggers and he's the father

    24. Their elaborate recollection of their pretend wedding

    25. The countless arguments they had over their unborn child

    26. They stole Monica's baby name for their own daughter

    27. Rachel accepted Joey's proposal even though she had just had Ross's baby

    28. They sang "Baby Got Back" to their newborn

    29. Rachel decided to date Ross's best friend, Joey, and he was completely "fine" with it

    30. Their continued on-again, off-again relationship throughout Season 10

    31. Ross had an angry outburst at Rachel for not giving him a proper goodbye

    32. He pleaded with her to not go to Paris

    33. His plea worked, and she abandoned her dream

    On second thought... maybe these two deserve one another.