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21 Secrets Film Extras Will Never Tell You

What happens on the dining bus, stays on the dining bus.

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14. If we end up playing Dakota Johnson's bottom or Cameron Diaz's hair, we won't be able to tell you about it.

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Doubling for an A-list actor can be part of our job, but we're contractually forbidden from talking about it afterward.


18. We love it when an argument breaks out over payments when we’re getting our timesheet signed.

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There's always one extra who knows the union rule book better than anyone else on set, and he won't go away without a fight.

20. But when it comes down to it, we actually learn loads on set.


Like what it means to be a foreground wipe and exactly how many hours we can go without food before fainting. And it also makes us think about the next stages of our careers.

21. And although we threaten to quit from time to time, we're never really going to give up that feeling you get when you wrap at the end of a 12-hour shoot.

Note: This post was written under a pseudonym.