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    • emeraldaarons

      I like the ideas and really now. Take the canned candles. It is only sensible to pack as light as possible so you use what you take with you as much as possible then take the debris with you. As for the scavenger hunt, who said take what you find home with you. When my boys were children they would have looked at you like you wereanut and from the age of6they went camping on their own, made do with what they figured and were nice enough to bring the garbage home at the end of the weekend and HELLO! they were just young boys without adult supervision or say so. They just followed what they were taught so if your parents didn’t teach you don’t take it out on the one with the great ideas. One should live this in real life to understand it. We were in an area that lost it’s road to the outside world, telephones, hydro for quitealong time and getting things intoacommunity for about 1000 people was quiteajob. One really had to use their wits to havealittle comfort as heat and lights.

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